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A personalized estate plan tailored to your circumstances provides vital legal protection for you and your loved ones. Ohio estate planning lawyer Jon Turner focuses his practice solely on creating estate plans that put those crucial protections in place, regardless of whether you need a simple, basic estate plan or a plan that addresses more complex circumstances. Jonathan C. Turner Law Office, LLC serves clients of all ages who live or work in the City of Springboro and throughout the surrounding area.

Every estate plan is as unique as the person who establishes it. As an estate planning lawyer, Jon provides a full range of estate planning services, so that every client’s plan addresses their individual needs and goals. By understanding their personal and financial circumstances and listening to their concerns, he carefully guides each client in identifying the essential components of their estate plan. Jon only recommends a complex estate plan when it is necessary to satisfy the client’s needs and goals.

The summaries below provide an overview of the legal services that Jon provides in his practice as an estate planning lawyer. Each service has a separate page to provide more information. In the FAQ section at the end of the summaries, Jon answers common questions about estate planning.


Every estate plan includes a will, a legal document that accomplishes multiple purposes. In your will, you name the beneficiaries who receive your property after you pass away and designate an executor to administer your estate. A will accomplishes other important tasks as well. The nature and contents of a will vary, depending on the structure of an estate plan.

Please visit the Wills page to learn more.


There are many different types of trusts, each of which serves a defined purpose. Some individuals benefit from including a trust in their estate plan. Jon works closely with each client to evaluate their estate planning objectives and provide the information the client needs to decide whether to include a trust in their estate plan. In creating a trust for a client, he carefully drafts the trust documents to accomplish the client’s goals and works closely with the client to ensure that the trust is properly funded and administered.

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Powers of Attorney

Durable powers of attorney are an essential part of every estate plan and one of the services that Jon provides as an estate planning lawyer. In your durable financial power of attorney, healthcare power of attorney, and living will, you designate trusted persons as your agents to make personal, medical, and financial decisions on your behalf and to carry out your wishes if you are legally incapacitated and cannot make decisions yourself. If you do not create these documents, your loved ones may not be able to make timely decisions for you and may have to ask a court to appoint a guardian to make your decisions.

Please visit the Powers of Attorney page to learn more about these services.

Nursing Home Planning

With the average cost of long-term nursing home care increasing annually, adults approaching their senior years can anticipate how to cover those costs as part of their estate planning.

Medicaid planning is part of nursing home planning in Jon’s practice as an estate planning lawyer. An individual may be able to achieve eligibility for Medicaid nursing home benefits with a carefully-structured estate plan. However, Medicaid planning must be done in advance of the need for long-term care, because a five-year look-back period for asset transfers applies to determining financial eligibility. Jon provides Medicaid five-year planning for clients by using special strategies and tools allowed by the Medicaid program.

Please visit the Nursing Home Planning page to learn more about these services.

Business Planning

As an estate planning lawyer, Jon has many clients who own a business or wish to establish a new business. For those clients, he provides business planning services that address two core concerns: business succession planning and business formation.

A business succession plan is an essential part of every business owner’s estate plan. The succession plan is a legal document that addresses future contingencies for the business, including what happens to operational control and ownership of the business in the event the owner can no longer run the company and make business decisions, temporarily or permanently. A business succession plan is especially important for a small or family-owned business.

Choosing the legal structure for a business is one of the most important decisions in setting up a new company. As a business formation attorney, Jon works closely with clients to identify the best legal structure for their company and then follows the required state law procedures and processes for setting up the chosen type of entity.

Please visit the Business Planning page to learn more.

Frequently Asked Estate Planning Questions

How do I know what documents I need in my estate plan?

Most estate plans include a will, living will, and powers of attorney. But your plan may also include other documents to address your situation and needs.

At the beginning of the estate planning process, you and Jon discuss your personal and financial circumstances in detail and identify your estate planning goals. He guides you through the entire estate planning process, step by step, explaining the legal documents that should comprise your plan and making sure that you understand what each document accomplishes. Jon always answers your questions and addresses every concern. The high level of his professional skill and his personable manner provide you with confidence throughout the process.

Do I need a lawyer to make an estate plan?
The availability of legal forms and internet services may make it tempting to try to create estate planning documents without professional help. But the do-it-yourself / DIY approach is a serious mistake. You can completely undermine the purpose of estate planning and invalidate the legal protections provided by an estate plan if you try to make an estate plan without help from a knowledgeable estate planning lawyer.
How much does an estate plan cost?

The cost of an estate plan depends on the complexity of the client’s situation and the specific legal documents in the estate plan. Jon discusses estate planning fees with every client during the initial consultation in person. He charges reasonable and competitive fees for all estate planning services.

What happens if I don’t have an estate plan?

If you do not create an estate plan, Ohio laws and courts determine who receives your property when you die and who makes decisions for you if you become legally incapacitated. In both cases, application of the laws may have results that are completely inconsistent with your own wishes and intentions. Creating a thoughtful estate plan with help from an estate planning lawyer is the only way to ensure that your wishes are carried out if you become unable to make decisions or when you pass away.

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